Our up and coming 3rd grader is reaching for this goal:  I will write a book that will win the Young Authors Competition next school year.  I’m excited to help her achieve that simple yet important goal.   The deadline for the entries usually fall near the middle of January.  She is starting today. 

While many of us recently celebrated the special high school graduates in our lives, university professors are finding that incoming freshman are not as prepared to write basic five page essays upon entering college.  One of the quickest ways to improve writing skills is to do it every day.   

When my cousin, Ebonne, was a little girl barely able to hold a pencil, her mother encouraged her to write daily journal entries.  She could choose her topics which ranged from simply providing a summary of her day to poetry.  Today, she is a successful producer at CNN.  

Today, my girls will start writing in their summer journals.  By the end of the summer, pages will be filled ideas and thoughts about daily experiences or anything else on their minds like poetry or creative stories.  To keep it fun, I will write notes, responding to their entries that suggest more colorful vocabulary words (good vs. scrumptious), give
proofreading edits, and encourage them to write more. 

LOL and SMH are simple examples that prove writing has become a lost art. Encourage your kids to write thank you notes.  Write letters to friends.  Write a letter to their congressman.  Write a poem.  Write a song.   Just write.   The more they do it, the better they become.

And they will be prepared college freshmen.

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LaJuan (Murphy) Williams
06/21/2011 11:49

Great Blog!!! We will document the SEP we've been implementing portions of it for a few weeks! Thanks Romeldia!!


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