Monday was the girls’ first day of summer camp.   They are both enrolled in The XS High Performance Tennis Camp between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. 

A long day in the hot sun playing tennis does not seem to leave a lot of room for any Summer Education Plan does it? 

It does.

Yesterday, we went to the library after tennis camp.  It helped to make a quick stop for ice cream to convince them my library trip was a good idea.  While their teachers provided a summer reading list to choose from, I allowed them to include books they would find enjoyable, even if it included a books about Selena Gomez and the Teen Vogue Handbook.   Their SEP includes reading at least 10 chapter books during the summer.   Avoid statements like, “I want you to read for one hour each day.”  When you find a book that is enjoyable, do you give yourself a time limit?  You can get lost in a good book and lose track of time.  So, imagine the number of good books your kid can read this summer!  My rule of thumb: If it takes 3 chapters and you still are not interested in the book, get another one.  There are too many good books for you to get stuck with a boring one. 

When my girls choose to read the books, is totally up to them.  They read in the car.  They read while eating breakfast.  They read in the bed.  I’ve even caught my oldest reading in the bathtub.   I highly recommend selecting a couple of books to read together to enhance dinner and car conversations.  A few questions that could be used for most books are:
  • What do you think the author wants you to learn?
  • Can you relate to the characters?  Do they remind you of yourself or someone you know?
  • Are there parts of the book that make you feel uncomfortable?
  • What would you say to convince someone to read this book?
Have your kid highlight unfamiliar words and encourage them to impress family and friends by using them appropriately in conversations.  Over time, they will be amazed at the level of vocabulary and their reading fluency and comprehension skills will skyrocket!

I just heard you ask, “When do you get to the other stuff, like multiplication tables and algebra?” 

People always make time to do the things they really want to do. 

Come and visit Dean of Parents tomorrow and I’ll be happy to share.



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