While I’d love for you to think I am the perfect parent that did everything right to support my girls’ school success, there is room for improvement.  Sometimes I’m occupied with items listed on my personal agenda—like creating this blog--that distract me from giving them my undivided attention.

My 7-year-old could use more support with staying organized.  I wonder if she mistakes her book bag for the trash bin.  The organized eleven-year-old needs to learn how to work smarter.  She spends too much time perfecting simple assignments and waits until 10:00 pm to start the more challenging projects.  I tried telling her that child protective services take parents away for going to bed before their children.  That didn’t work.

The end of the school year is a perfect time to take a look at what’s working for your kid and what areas need improvement:

       Reading comprehension: Does Jordan remember what she read? 

       Reading fluency: Does Kayla read with smoothness? Quickness? Expression?

       Vocabulary: Do your hear Tyler use new vocabulary words when talking with you?

       Math concepts: Of course Lauren can do the problems but can she explain the concept to you?

       Homework completion: Does Isaiah finish homework with minimal difficulty?   

       Staying organized:  Did you receive the school communication two days after    the field trip?

       School project quality: Did the science fair board exhibit your creativity or Steve’s? 

       After school activities:  Is there too much on Sydney’s plate or not enough?   

       Home workspace organization: What can you do to improve Jonathan’s homework space?

       Television time: Oh, wait a minute…what TV? Right? (New blog topic!)

   What tips and strategies can The Dean of Parents offer? What can you share with others?