Today is the official last day of school for thousands of Chicago Public School kids.  My girls deserve a couple of days of mindless activities to unwind like watching the questionable Disney shows on TV, exchanging goofy youtube videos with their cousins residing in Los Angeles, and going to the pantry 27 times per hour to sneak handfuls of carb loaded snacks.

Out with the old friends and in with the new.  Kids will miss the daily routine of seeing their friends.  A handful will be transferring to other schools in the fall.  One of their friends will be transferring to another school closer to her home.  I hope her friendship will be missed more than her outstanding ptiching skills that help bring home a 2nd place city trophy for their girls' softbal team.   But new friendships will accompany the next school year with fun memories waiting to be made.

Out with the old teachers and in with the new.   Some kids will sadly miss their teachers and will brace themselves to meet new ones.  Will they be mean or nice?  Calm or cranky?  Funny or dry as toast?  Today my kids met their teachers for the 2011-12 school year.  "ugh, I heard Misses Watchamacllit is so mean!"  My reply:  "So is my boss.  Deal with it."  

Out with the frustrations of the old school year to welcome the improvements of the new.  I don't know about your kids but my kids have some skills that need tightening up like solving algebraic expressions and writing more than "Because I am smart."  when the workbook question request a more elaborate response to "How did you come up with that answer?"  I'm excited that so many of my blog readers have requested tips and suggestions to help keep their kids on track during the summer. Stay tuned for DeanofParents blog series: The SEP: Summer Education Plan.  Imagine the next school year with awesome progress reports, fantastic grades, and completed homework assignments--turned in on time!

Looking forward to the journey of setting our kids up for success--together!